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Consider This When Looking for A Home Cleaning Company

Oct 8

As with any service, there are points and questions you should ask before inviting a mop-bearing stranger into the home. It is similar to hiring a contractor or babysitter.

Jana S. lives in Redmond and says she was initially reluctant about hiring someone to clean her home. "I grew-up in Wisconsin and it was an honor to have done that myself. After having our second child, it became overwhelming for me and my spouse.
"So we hired a housekeeper the same way"

There are two types: Independent contractors who work alone and companies. Independent contractors may be responsible to withhold taxes and work eligibility.

To ensure your safety and that of your housekeeper, you should have them bonded or insured. In the unlikely event that the cleaner injures something in your house, bonding is a good idea. But an insured worker can shield you from any liability for injuries on the job.

People arrange for cleaning services to come weekly. However, this might not work if you have many pets and children. A lot of people only need a housekeeper once a calendar year. Another common option is to hire a cleaning service for a single move.

What are you looking for in a housekeeper.

Housekeepers are available for hire, but many don't clean outside windows. Others don't like heights. A cleaning company like offers services that might be overlooked: They will fold your clothes and pick up your clothes. This is great for parents with teens. They will usually accept to wash and dry your dishes, and they will also hand-wash them.

Accidents do occur, but bonded service like ours will pay to cover any other normal incidents, such a stray mop handle hitting anything.

Here are some tips for housekeepers you might consider hiring.

Questions for: Does the housekeeper provide references? Are they insured?

Children and pets: Are the cleaners allergic to pets? Both the children and the housekeeper need to understand how they interact if they plan on having them in the house. (Do not ask the housekeeper for babysitter duties. Also, the children shouldn't be walking around while the job is being done.

Products and equipment: When you hire an independent contractor you have more control over the products used. Ask the company about their products if they provide the housekeeper. Proactive cleaners use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products. The cleaner will usually supply stepstools, vacuums, and other tools.


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