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Apr 17

Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Kitchen

By Houston Kitchen Renovators

We will go over some kitchen renovation Houston fundamentals that first-timers might not know... and then share some surprising things even seasoned remodelers may be able to find out. This week we will focus on a crucial project that homeowners might undertake: a kitchen remodeling project. There are eight important things to remember, including the outlets.

1. It's (extremely) costly.


Remodeling magazine reported that the average national kitchen renovation cost is $66,000. (How much does an "upscale" remodeling project cost? These can sometimes cost up to $131,000. reveals that cabinets and hardware (29%) are more costly than an installation (17%) and appliances (114%). Remodeling reports that a total makeover will not increase your home's resale price. House sellers typically only recoup about 60% of remodeling expenditures.


You should work smarter than harder when remodeling your kitchen. For the best results, leave the layout alone.


2. Consider who will join you for dinner.


You might think of the age-old icebreaker: "Who do you invite to a dinner party?" Do you plan to host extravagant dinners for eight people every weekend or will that be a burden? Are you responsible for feeding small children every night or will you host extravagant dinners for eight people every weekend? Or maybe you just like to eat out alone. Do you prefer to cook or bake, or both? When making renovations to your kitchen, take into account your culinary needs as well as the number of ovens that you will need. Consider two ovens if you cook often and want to bake.


3. It is important to consider both aesthetics and practicality when choosing countertops.


Be clear about what you envision your kitchen to look like in the future. If you don’t mind a material with a high maintenance cost (which won’t always be ideal), then soapstone and marble are good options. These may not be an option if your budget is tight. Are you ready to discover which one works best for you? Here are five questions to ask about kitchen countertops.


4. A wall-mounted faucet would be the best choice.


A basic deck-mounted faucet is the best option. It is not difficult to install a wall-mounted faucet. Julie did it in her Brooklyn Heights apartment. First, you will have a much easier time keeping your sink area clean and dry. See Remodeling 101 for more information.


5. You can make or ruin your project with the less glamorous aspects.


Do not forget to provide adequate ventilation. Read more about Ceiling Mounted Recessed Vents. You don’t want your kitchen to be a disaster.


6. Ikea cabinets can be modified.


There are many options for cabinet styles. You don't need to be overwhelmed by all the options. When it comes down to timeless and durable design, there are six kinds of cabinets that you should be aware of. You can find a variety of companies that will modify Ikea cabinets.


7. A double-bowl basin sink is more difficult than a single bowl sink.


A single-bowl kitchen sink, for instance, is easier to fit into small spaces. A double-bowl basin, on other hand, can be used to separate and conquer dishes, wash vegetables and dispose of any leftovers. To help you choose, compare the advantages and disadvantages between single-bowl and dual-bowl kitchen sinks.





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