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7 Common Pests that invade Homes

Dec 9

Pests are often unwelcome guests in homes. From ants to wasps, they all have a knack for finding their way inside and making themselves at home. The good news is that you don’t need to be an exterminator to get rid of them you just need some common household items. This blog post will take a look at seven common pests that invade homes, as well as how you can keep them out for good! 



Pest Control Cedar City UtahThese small insects tend to live outdoors near moist soil or plants. They invade houses by following food crumbs indoors or through cracks around doors, windows, and siding where there may be moisture from leaking pipes or condensation on the walls below air conditioners. To prevent them from coming into your home, pick up all food that is left around your house and dispose of it. Pests don’t distinguish between food left out by people or by animals that live around your house. If ants are invading areas where you have moisture problems, fix the leaks immediately to prevent them from coming in. Ants can become a huge problem if they get inside your walls, so try this great trick! Mix ½ cup mayonnaise with ¼ cup sugar in a bowl and spread it on the outside wall where most of the ants are seen. The sweetness will attract them down, while the oil-based ingredients prevent them from coming back out. The ants will die, and their corpses will be trapped to prevent other ants from entering.


Wasp nests can be found outdoors in trees and on buildings, but they will sometimes look for a more protected place to build their nest which is why they sometimes end up inside homes. To keep wasps from finding their way inside, avoid leaving doors open when there are no people inside of the home– even if it’s hot outside!


Wasps are another common problem. They build their nests using wood fibers, hair, and other soft materials found outdoors, but will sometimes use people’s homes as sources for these building supplies. To control wasps, spray their nests with a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. The high acidity of the solution will kill the wasps and break down their nests.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are a type of wasp commonly found in the home. These insects, like all bees and wasps, can sting! If you have these pests in your house, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up any crumbs or trash from around the outside of your home (where they nest) so that you don’t attract them inside. Pest control companies will often treat yellow jackets with insecticides designed for this purpose; it is best if you leave this job to professionals who know what they are doing.


Rats are commonly found in basements or other lower levels of homes, but they will sometimes travel into upper levels when looking for food or shelter. Snakes and rats both have similar habits; they prefer to live on lower levels where temperatures are more consistent and there are few predators. Expose locations in your basement where this is possible, such as spaces under concrete slabs or gaps between walls that lead outside. Seal these areas off with steel wool to keep rats from traveling up into your home.


Mice are another common pest found in homes. They often come inside through gaps around the foundation or doors and windows, but they also sometimes live in walls as well. To keep them out of your house, seal and drill holes around outside vents that lead indoors; this includes water lines as well! Keep all food stored in airtight containers that can’t be gnawed on by mice (and rats!). Pests don’t distinguish between human food and their own, so eliminating sources of food will help prevent them from coming inside. 


Raccoons commonly come into homes through an open door or window, especially when looking for a  place to raise their babies. To keep them away, be sure to keep doors and windows closed when you are not in the house! Raccoons can also enter homes through holes near foundations that lead into an attic space. Pest control companies usually use a trap or two to seal the opening, but it is possible for you to do this on your own as well. You will need steel wool shells loaded with a mixture of water and ammonia (15 parts water: 1 part ammonia) that has been heated until thickened and then cooled slightly before pouring down the hole. This foamy mixture will force its way down between gaps in the foundation blockage any small animals that may have found their way inside from outside.


These pests are known for being disease-carrying scavengers that can contaminate food and harm people who have a weakened immune system. They thrive in warm environments which is why you will often find them under sinks or appliances where there is heat from fridges or stoves. To keep cockroaches out, clean up any crumbs on your kitchen counters as well as in cabinets and inside ovens whenever you clean. Cockroaches also like to congregate near water pipes so make sure that all leaks are repaired to eliminate moisture around these areas which will cause them to come into your home!


Bed bugs are a nuisance pest that has become more common in recent years. They live and lay their eggs near the location of people, which means they can easily travel from place to place on the inside lining of clothing and luggage. Because bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, they will try to hide in areas where you sleep during the night. Pest control experts use a combination of traps and sprays to eliminate these pests, but you can try using a vacuum cleaner first by running it over your mattress at least once each week. You should also be sure to keep all bedding like sheets washed weekly as well as any clothes that could have picked up bed bug eggs while traveling around town or visiting friends.

Now that you know what kinds of pests are common in your area, you can take steps to prevent these animals from coming into your home. Pests like mice, rats, and bed bugs can spread disease if they bite you or live nearby where you eat; whereas snakes and raccoons can cause damage by making their homes inside yours! Pest control experts suggest that all homeowners learn about the most common pests in their area so they know how to keep them out first. These tips will go a long way toward keeping your house clean and pest-free!

Do Pest Control Companies Really Work?

Yes, Pest Control companies do work. Pests can cause a lot of damage and even health problems in your home if you let them get out of hand! Pests such as cockroaches have been known to spread disease which is why the EPA has made it their responsibility to provide pest control for people who cannot afford or are not capable of doing it themselves. Pest control services offer both residential and commercial services so even large businesses can call upon them should they need help with some pesky rodents like mice and rats who are always looking for food scraps up in corporate offices. Pesticides are used by professional exterminators to kill pests that live inside walls, under concrete slabs, or outside in landscaping. Pest Control experts are trained professionals whose job is to make your home safe and pest-free again so you can get back to the business of living!

Why Pesticides Are Used By Pest Control Companies?

Pesticides are chemicals that are used by Pest Control companies for killing pests who live in homes or commercial buildings. Pesticides usually come in either liquid (like sprays) or granular form (like dust). They can be made from a variety of different ingredients, including chemicals found in natural substances like plant extracts; pure synthetic deposits like boric acid or rotenone; and even metals like zinc, copper, lead, and arsenic (insecticides?). Even organic pesticides that claim to be made from natural ingredients may still contain substances that are outright poisons to pests and people alike (natural arsenic for example). Pesticides kill pests by attacking their nervous system or damaging their blood cells. Pests exposed to pesticides will usually die within a few days after being sent into a state of paralysis due to nerve damage or death from anemia caused by blood cell destruction. Pesticides can also cause serious impacts on human health when used incorrectly; many Pest Control companies spend significant time and money researching, manufacturing, and testing the safest, most effective pesticides available so you can feel confident using their services!

What Pesticides Are Used By Pest Control Companies?

Different Pest Control companies will uPest Control Cedar City Utahse different pesticides depending upon the type of pest they are dealing with. Pesticides may be applied as a spray, dust, powder, or gel that is then left in the area where the pests will walk across it and become exposed to its harmful chemicals. Pesticides for use by Pest Control companies can come from a variety of different ingredients (natural and man-made) including mineral salts like silver nitrate; copper compounds such as cupric acetate; bacterial products like gramicidin D; plant extracts such as rotenone extracted from legumes; and synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring proteins. Pests vary by species so Pest Control companies need to do their research on what pesticides work best for each unique type of animal or insect that infests people’s homes. Pest Control companies also need to be sure that the pesticides they use are safe and effective for humans and their pets if they accidentally come into contact with them. Pesticides have been proven by Pest Control experts as an important tool when it comes to pest control services because of how well they work but homeowners should still take precautions in handling products or living spaces that have recently had pesticides applied. Pests know no boundaries so Pest Control companies do not just handle infestations within a single home; you may see Pest Control trucks driving around your neighborhood applying pesticides to common areas where rodents, roaches, ants, fleas, or other pests can hide away from your prying eyes!